TJ walks excitedly into the Furious Five base, a penthouse apartment on the outskirts of the city. Each of the Furious Five has different colors of the same type of outfit. TJ is carrying a large sniper energy rifle. He places the gun down next to the table and then unrolls a blueprint on the table. TJ laughs excitedly and then calls the rest of the Furious Five over.

Thoni, the group speedster arrives first and starts talking a million words a minute excitedly as TJ. TJ tries to calm her down as the twins Yemmi and Yazzie reach the table. They seem annoyed that Thoni is acting this way. Lastly, the giant of a man Erick walks up to the table. Standing over 7 feet tall the brooding Erick’s deep voice asks TJ if this is the one.

TJ says, that if everything goes according to plan, they will get 1 million to infiltrate the facility and get the contents of a safe. The Furious Five are excited to get their hands on this kind of money. TJ says that he wants to finally get that money like the Enforcers, the World’s Greatest Heroes. TJ says that being heroes isn’t as lucrative as being mercenaries who lean to the side of good, they get to profit off of their skills and superpowers.

TJ is confident and says that this is simple. Get to the facility, get in unnoticed, if noticed, beat up the guards like they usually do, and get the goods out of the safe. TJ is making energy darts while they are talking. TJ, clearly the leader repeats confidently that this is easy money.

Yemmi and Yazzie say that they should talk about creating a plan, TJ is dismissive of their suggestions and says we are the God damn Furious Five. TJ says that they will go there impose their will and take what we want. Yazzie is shocked by TJ’s comments and says that he might be letting the end goal of all the financial resources cloud his vision. Yemmi asks who is the client and what do they want exactly? She continues asking what company is guarding the building?

TJ promptly tells her to shut the hell up and that it doesn’t matter who the client is or who is guarding the place. TJ boasts that this is too easy to pass up. The only plan should be for them to use their powers to get in and get out. Yemmi like her sister says that we should have a more detailed plan. TJ says what do you think Erick? Erick shrugs and says I just smash whatever is in front of me, plan or not. See TJ Exclaims. TJ throws the blueprints at Yemmi and says here, get familiar. We leave in an hour.

The night seems thick with tension. When they pull up to a 10-story building that has the Mako Genetics logo on the top. The street is nearly empty, ominously so. Thoni questions that they are hitting a Mako Genetics lab? She ask isn’t this the company that was for the outbreak? TJ says yes and that they have been hiding something all this time. The group looks nervous again. 1 Million dollars. 10 minutes of work, 1 million, TJ screams. We can take a vacation, buy real equipment. Get some of those fancy power gloves to make us more effective. This is a new beginning. Everyone, save for TJ is nervous. They put their hands together and say FURIOUS FIVE! They exit the vehicle and head toward the building. They split up, saying they will signal whenever they find a way in. Erick suggests smashing through the wall. TJ says that they have to get as close to the target as possible. Thoni takes off, with her super speed ahead of the rest of the group. Erick heads to the parking garage. TJ uses a grappling hook to connect to a shorter building next door.

Yemmi and Yazzie go check the doors. A large figure is in the security room and has already identified Erick, Yemmi, Yazzie, and TJ. The unknown person sends the desk guards to check the garage and the perimeter. Yemmi finds an open door and radios to the group that she found a way in. As soon as she finishes on the radio and guard walks through the door. He is relaxed and says that this is a secure facility. Yemmi claims that she is supposed to start with the cleaning crew.

Guard says where is her badge. She says that it’s her first day. Guard says that she should know that she needs to go to the admin security office across the street. She asked if she can go in just this once. Guard says screw that, that he isn’t going to lose his job. He tells her to take her little butt over to the security office. She steps up to the guard and says please. The guard says step back and Yemmi’s eyes light up. The guard reaches for his radio and Yemmi uses a small energy blast to destroy the radio. Yemmi is starting to make a smart comment when the guard quickly shoots her with the tazer. The electricity mixes with her energy, causing a supercharge that collapses Yemmi.

The Guard is talking to himself about how crazy this is. He grabs his phone and calls into the security center. As he is on the phone he is hit with a larger Energy Blast from Yazzie. Yazzie calls him a son of a bitch as she tends to Yemmi as she is regaining consciousness. Erick stomps up and sees Yemmi. He grabs the guard by the legs. TJ is repelling down the building yelling at Erick to stop. Before he can get down. Erick slams the guard into the concrete side of the building, leaving a large stain. He then throws what’s left of his body through the glass lobby entrance. Alarms start going off. TJ says you stupid big bastard! Why would you do that? Erick just looks at TJ menacingly and walks into the building. As if an omen of things to come, TJ has a bad feeling and says that the rest needs to just go to plan.

As they enter and look towards a way up, the alarm turns off as a dozen security personnel shows up. Boo Hall comes on the intercom. He says with a deep calm voice, “Intruders, this facility is under the protection of Boo Hall. Now before there is any further damage, I’m allowing you to leave and the tape of what you did to poor Mike will be sent to the police. No one else needs to be hurt. I know what you’re after and you aren’t going to get it.”

TJ interjects saying that they have a difference of opinion and that they are going to take the tape and destroy it. Boo Hall calls him an idiot and tells him that there is a thing called the internet. The Furious Five start charging powers and TJ energizes a large energy rifle. Boo Hall sighs and says “from this point forward, everything that happens is on your hands.” TJ opens fire and a firefight ensues. It’s an amazing battle with The Furious Five able to separate and defeat the security guards. At the end of the battle, The Furious Five come together and Erick is noticeably absent. They are looking around, screaming his name. After a few minutes and Thoni super speeding around the facility and was not able to locate Erick. TJ grits his teeth and then takes a card off of one of the security guards and accesses the elevator. We got to move forward, he tells the group. The remaining four of the Furious Five enter the clear glass-backed elevator. They hit the button for the 10th floor. They look at the city as they go up the floors. The group argues about Erick and leaving him behind. The elevator suddenly stops on the 5th floor.

Boo Hall shows up on the monitor in the elevator, looking slightly disheveled. “Hey!” he appears to tap on the screen. Boo moves out of the way to reveal a savagely beaten Erick tied to a large hand truck near the window. Boo says that he heard they were looking for this guy. The team cries out after seeing Erick’s condition.

TJ starts threatening Boo. In the middle of the threat, Boo says “Hold that thought.” As he pulls his gun, he says that they should look to the North part of the building. Behind you for the geniuses. Boo is about to shoot Erick as the group screams and he flinches. Boo says no too easy. Boo kicks Erick after pausing, sending him bursting through the window. The glass then Erick falls past the elevator.

The Furious Five scream. Boo looks back angrily at the screen. Boo says “I told you to leave, but after you killed Mike, someone just doing their job and then refused to leave your butts became mine.”

TJ swears that he is going to kill him. TJ is trying to continue the threat. Boo asks, apparently offended, “kill me? You’re thieves, assassins and God knows what else. You had a chance to leave, and now you’re going to pay.” Thoni tells him she is going to speed-run him through the wall. Boo just says I don’t think you’re fast enough. They run through the facility and start beating up the guards. Then from one of the wall panels Boo’s large build steps out and catches the speedster Thoni off guard. Boo easily picks her up by her head from behind. Boo threatens the group, saying “that they should leave now or face the consequences.” Yazzie and Yemmie fire a Twin blast that misses.

Boo says “Wrong choice!” and delivers a crushing blow to Thoni’s spine. She immediately stops moving. Boo throws her to the ground and as he disappears back into the wall he says “I warned you.” The group tries to console Thoni. Thoni asks that they get that son of a bitch. She says she’s nothing if she can’t run and then quickly shoots herself in the head.

TJ wants to just leave, saying that the job isn’t worth it. Yazzie grabs him and says that they are going to kill that big bastard. The group makes their way to the top floor, through a nervous march up the stairs. When they get to the tenth floor, Boo appears on a monitor and asks “You sure that they want to continue?” He claims that they can’t have what’s in the safe. Yemmie steps forward and is hit with a pole from the tile and launched out of the window to his death. Yazzie is in disbelief, sitting on the window seal. Boo says “it’s not personal, just business.” TJ cannot force her to move. TJ continues to an empty room with a safe. TJ rushes over to it and the safe is empty. Boo walks out, “Did you think that was the safe?”

TJ calls him a coward that hides and Boo says that he’s in front of him now. TJ attacks Boo and after a few blows, he is defeated. TJ is distraught when Yazzie walks into the room. She starts filling with energy and Boo is able to get into the safe room as she explodes. The explosion destroys the entire building except for the top floor safe room, killing Yazzie and TJ in the process. As Boo comes too, he sees the last frozen picture on the screen is Yazzie’s sad face before she explodes. He says that he can’t do this shit anymore.

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