For John Turner Sr, it has been a really long day at work. Having to work a few hours of overtime, he thought he was going to miss watching the fights on Pay Per View tonight. The fights always take him back to his early days when he thought that he was going to be a professional fighter, something he gave up 18 years prior when John Jr was born.

While he missed the action, he was an incredible father and never regretted his decision to focus more on his career in IT and building a family than chase the dream as a martial artist. His wife would bless him with two daughters as well, Julia and Savannah before suddenly abandoning the family. John never received a good explanation, barely any explanation at all, just one day she was leaving and then she was gone.

Being a single dad was rough on John, but as always he was superman when it came to his family and he did everything he could to fill the void so that the family would complete.

When John arrived home, his Irish twins JJ and Julia already had dinner and a cold drink ready for him. It was great having two 18-year-olds that were 10 months apart. They were always super helpful when it came to 8-year-old Savannah. As the tired John puts away his jacket Savannah runs out of the room in her pajamas to hug him.

“Daddy! I thought you were going to miss story time” Savannah says practically yelling with excitement.

John picks her up effortlessly and says “Come on Sugar Momma, you know Daddy would move heaven and Earth to make sure I see you off to bed every night.”

Savannah was a super daddy's girl and loved all the attention her dad gave to her

Savannah was a super daddy’s girl and loved all the attention her dad gave to her. John puts her down and tells her that he will be in there in a minute. JJ and Julia also greet their dad, with JJ reminding him that the fights start in 15 minutes. JJ was also a budding martial artist, something that John Sr pushed from an early age and he was even more talented than his father was. The fight was something that they shared and would talk about what they would do with every match.

Julia studied martial arts but was never into it as her brother or father. John Sr admitted that Julia was always super smart like her mother. Julia hated that comparison because of the decade of absence. John was always careful to speak positively of his absent wife for this exact reason.

John Sr goes into the room and reads Savannah’s favorite book, Knockout’s Sleepy Time. A funny book about Knockout beating up each of the sheep that you are supposed to count when going to bed. It’s hilarious and always seems to work with Savannah. As Savannah yawns when the book is finished, John turns her light off and says “Goodnight baby.”

As John stands up, Savannah says “Daddy?” John replies “Yes sweetheart?”

John is surprised when Savannah looks scared and she grabs his arm and says “Daddy, something is in the closet.”

John walks quickly over to the partially open closet and he quickly opens both of the doors. John thoroughly checks behind the clothes, revealing nothing out of the ordinary.

John says “See momma, nothing there.”

Savannah says “Daddy? I’m scared.”

John closes the closet doors and reassures Savannah and says “Don’t be scared baby, Daddy is your champion. No matter what comes, Daddy will be here to protect you.”

John gives Savannah a big hug and she's smiling

John gives Savannah a big hug and she’s smiling.

As John leaves the room, the closet door is slightly opened back up and a pair of glowing eyes appear to be looking out as Savannah is tucked into bed, falling fast asleep.

With his heartbeat fast asleep, John joins JJ in the living room. JJ says “Just in time pops, the fights are starting now.”

Julia brings John a big cup of cold water, his favorite after a hard day. He says “Thanks Momma.” as they settle in to watch the fight.

Suddenly there is a deafening scream that comes from Savannah’s room and her door loudly slams. Shocked, John, JJ, and Julie run to the door. As John tries to enter something is holding the door shut. John screams “SAVANNAH!!!!”

Savannah is screaming at the top of her lungs and there is a growling noise coming from inside the room.

John is in panic mode as banging and kicking the door is not working. John quickly takes a few steps back and charges the door finally able to breakthrough. He is shocked and partially blinded by the illumination in the rear of the room. John barges in as his eyes adjust to the light and he is horrified by what he sees.

There are three Closet Witches, humanoid snake creatures with black hooded shirts and long, large snakes for the bottom half of their bodies

There are three Closet Witches, humanoid snake creatures with black hooded shirts and long, large snakes for the bottom half of their bodies. One of these creatures is holding an unconscious Savannah. John immediately runs towards the Closet Witch holding Savannah. He is intercepted by another and struck with the large tail, slamming him to the wall, nearly sending him through it.

The Closet Witch holding Savannah and another quickly disappear into the portal. John is able to grab the last Closet Witch tightly by the neck and pulls it down to the ground. The Closet Witch is flailing around, flopping the snake part of her body around, lifting it and John off the ground slamming into the walls. JJ runs in with John’s sledgehammer and is immediately struck by the Closet Witch’s tail, sending him flying out of the room, dropping the sledgehammer.

John is able to toss the Closet Witch to the ground and quickly grab the sledgehammer. John quickly brings the hammer down on its head, crushing it. As the Closet Witch turns to ash the portal begins to fade and John feels that this is his only chance to save his little girl. John runs into the portal just as it closes.

The blinding light causes John to drop the hammer. The light fades as he exits the portal into a forested area. “SAVANNAH!” John yells at the top of his lungs, hoping for any sound that will help him find her. He yells again until he sees the unique outline of two Closet Witches, one carrying his daughter. John says “Hold on baby, Daddy is coming.” and takes off at full speed down the wooded path to save her.

As he is running, glowing eyes begin to illuminate the darkness. When John notices that the eyes are following him there are dozens of pairs, all locked onto him. The eyes press past the darkness in the woods to reveal the boogie monster creatures. Slick, dark-colored demons with sharp teeth, claws, and oddly glowing eyes. John thinks to himself, FUCK, before the creature begins chasing John.

It’s hopeless. They are everywhere and like vultures swarming a dead animal they all attack John at once. He tries to fight them off, there are too many. As they are clawing, snarling, and biting at him John is certain that he is going to die. Then a powerful beam of energy takes out nearly half of the creatures. What sounds like the wind swiping into the air seems to decapitate and cut the creatures in half. The remaining creatures blend back into the darkness of the forest.

John is confused, not knowing how he is still alive and what just happened. Suddenly hands appear and help him up. A medium build black man with a glowing sword in his hand helps him to his feet. The man says, “Sir are you okay?”

John asks him “What the hell is going on?”

A larger black man carrying a huge, still smoking energy gun walks up to them.

“We just saved your ass. That’s what is going on.”

John still confused asks “Who are you guys?”

“I’m Bobby and that large rude guy with the gun is Troy. We kind of do this hero thing full time.” Bobby explains.

Troy adds, “We saw those Closet Bitches come in here carrying that little girl and before we got over to them you appeared.”

John asks “Where are we and where is Savannah?”

Bobby says “It’s kind of a world between worlds. Land of the Closet Witches and Boogiemen and other shit that goes bump in the night. Luckily for you, we were already in here on a mission.”

Troy says “We lost sight of where they were headed, but it appears they were heading to that dead city over in the distance.”

John thanks them and is starting to head in the direction of the dead city when Troy stops him. Troy removes an older sledgehammer that was holstered on his back and gives it to John.

Troy says “Hold on man, we can’t send you out there to just get slaughtered. Take this, they seem to be really afraid of it.”

John takes the hammer and runs in the direction.

Troy says to Bobby “I wish we could help him.”

Bobby reminds him “A lot more lives will be lost if we don’t finish what we came here to do.” The two brothers disappear into the forest.

John keeps a steady pace until he reaches the dead city. He notices a small light and feels that this is the way to his daughter. John maneuvers through the buildings, following the light. John sees a dozen closet witches surrounding Savannah who is laying on an oddly shaped table. They appear to be preparing to perform a ritual.

One of the Closet Witches is larger than the rest and holding a large knife. As it heads towards Savannah John runs out with the hammer. John hits the large Closet Witch with the hammer and it literally explodes from the impact.

John says HOLY SHIT!

John hits two more closet witches and they explode as well. John holds the hammer up and the Closet Witches stand back. John checks Savannah and calls her name. John pleads with her to wake up. Eventually, Savannah opens her eyes. Savannah wakes up and says “Daddy?”

John says I told you I got you baby. John picks Savannah up. Savannah tells John that they need the necklace. John picks the necklace up from around the remains of the large Closet Witch. John lowers the hammer and turns and runs with Savannah, with the Closet Witches in hot pursuit.

John runs with Savannah back through the dead city, killing Closet Witches that attack them. When they reach the entrance in the woods, the necklace lights up, opening the same portal they came through. John kills the final Closet Witch and jumps through the portal with Savannah.

Back in Savannah's Room, the portal opens back up

Back in Savannah’s Room, the portal opens back up. JJ and Julie run back into the room as John and Savannah come through the portal. Julie says, “Oh My God. DAD, Savannah!”

The portal closes.

JJ says “You saved her.” John says that he had to fight for hours to get her back. Julie says “Dad, you’ve only been gone for a minute, two at the most.”

John looks shocked but hugs his family close.

Suddenly there is a loud banging at the front door.

Tales of an Ordinary Dad

Tales of an Ordinary Dad