A young man, a skinny Asian kid with prescription shades, sits in the interrogation room. Steven Nam is the only link to a series of grisly murders that have crisscrossed the DC area over the last 24 hours. The level of savagery and violence involved with the murders scream that the murders have been done by a super. In the days after Orra’s death, things have been particularly difficult. Orra had maintained a structure that has kept the supers in line for decades. With his death that no longer exists. The vacuum that has been created has seen a dramatic increase in Super on Human violence. But these crimes are different.

It appeared like the goal of the crime is brutal violence.

With the latest crime scene, the police have finally caught a break. The typical evidence of intense violence was present at the other murders, but this time they have a survivor. They arrived to find a blood-soaked Steven sitting with what was left of another victim. Outside of being covered with blood and apparently mute, they don’t find any injuries on Steven. They don’t have any idea if Steven is a victim or a murderer. How could any normal person do anything like this? For his safety and to keep the only lead in the case, the police take Steven to the DC Metro Police station.

The best detectives in the DC Metropolitan Police Department are interviewing are priming their game plan. The chief has a particular interest in the case and wants to get it cracked before Detective Frank Chan, the successor of the Watcher and the Super Liaison arrives.

Steven has been cleaned up and given a change of clothes. He sits calmly in the interrogation room, barely ever saying anything over a whisper, but there has been one thing he has consistently been saying, the only thing he has been saying. Two black guys were trying to kill him. One with a blue sword, one with a large gun. Given the fact that they don’t have leads, these two black males are now the main suspects in the 10 murders that Steven is linked to.

Detective Oliver Ofori walks in with coffee and a bottle of water in his hand. Oliver takes a second to observe Steven and sees if it reconciles with everything that he has been told about him thus far. Oliver doesn’t believe that Steven is anything to be afraid of and walks over to him. “How you doing buddy?” Oliver asks. Steven barely acknowledges Oliver but reaches out for the bottle of water. Oliver adds “I know you have been through a lot, but we are going to need your help if we are going to catch whatever has been killing people. If it isn’t too much trouble, we are going to need some answers.” It strikes Oliver as strange that Steven doesn’t appear to have any emotion after being found with a dismembered and destroyed body. Steven gives out a large sigh.

Steven seems annoyed and says quietly “Have you found those guys that have been after me? The big one with the gun and the smaller guy with a sword. You have to find them.”

Oliver says “Tell me about these guys. When did they try to kill you? No evidence of these people were anywhere around the crime scene. Tell me about the victim. It looks like he was essentially eaten.”

“I don’t know, sometime earlier I guess, they tried to shoot me. I don’t know anything about that guy, the victim” Steven says.

Oliver edges closer to Steven and says “But you do know how the hell you ended up covered in blood, guts, and brain matter, right? You never mentioned what killed him.”

Steven sighs again. “Ever since I was younger, when stressful moments happen, I simply blackout. I get scared or too excited, I just black out. I don’t ever know what happens. So I can’t tell you why. I really don’t know.”

Oliver is thinking to himself that this makes no sense. Right before he is about to ask another question, another detective walks into the room and motions for Oliver to come out.

“Hold on tight, be right back,” Oliver says as he leaves the room with the other detective.

Outside of the room, Oliver is pissed as he feels that he caught Oliver lying. The other detective stops Oliver before he can say a word and says “You aren’t going to believe this.”

As they walk into the lobby Oliver is in shock. In front of him are standing “THE” two black guys. One carrying a large gun in a holster with a larger gun on his back and a smaller man with a sword in a sheath on his back. He instantly recognizes them as The Ruffner Brothers. Troy and Bobby Ruffner are the sons of the world’s most powerful human hero, Knockout.

Oliver can only mutter out “So what’s going on here?”

Bobby, the smaller man with the sword says “I believe you have a demon here. It’s posing as a guy about my height, glasses, last time we saw him he was covered in blood after killing someone and getting into a police car.”

Oliver says “That skinny Asian kid? Impossible. I know he’s lying about something, but definitely not able to do what you’re saying.”

Troy, the larger brother interjects “Look, my man, you don’t know what he is capable of. I bet his bitch ass didn’t have a good excuse why he was swimming in guts, did he? Looks can be deceiving when it comes to dealing with Supers, Demons, Aliens, or whatever else is out there. All this goofy shit doesn’t make sense at all to “normal” people. So please, just lead us to him, let us blow him away and everyone can get out of this unharmed”

Oliver, seemingly offended answers back “Normal, like you? You guys aren’t sanctioned to have authority over my case.”

“Respectfully sir, we aren’t worried about the case, just stopping the demon,” Bobby adds.

Oliver says “I’m solving this one. So you vigilantes can go back to your mom’s headquarters and let us handle it.

Troy laughs and says “Oh you are one of them. He’s going to fucking kill you, you fucking idiot. More than likely he has to rest after shapeshifting. You don’t have to listen to us, you can have him. Come on Bobby, we will be waiting outside when the chaos starts.”

Troy walks to the exit. Bobby says “You’re making a mistake. I would hate for that mistake to cost you your life. Just some friendly advice: Get him in cuffs, lock him up alone in your strongest cell. Each kill makes them stronger.”

Oliver says “You don’t know what he is!”

Troy yells “Bro, let that idiot get what he gets.”

Troy and Bobby leave the station. Oliver starts to sweat as he heads back to the interrogation room. He puts his hand on the doorknob and says to himself, “What if they are right?”

Oliver grabs a half dozen officers and goes into the interrogation room. Steven has a smug smile on his face. Steven asks “Is something wrong?”

Oliver is sweating bullets. “No, just have one question. If you blackout when scared or stressed, how the hell do you remember that the guys are chasing you? Wouldn’t that cause you to blackout?”

Steven just smiles and says “You know, it has been working since I got here. That story allowed people to put their guard down and even help me escape those two.”

The veins in Steven’s body start to bulge and his eyes turn a sinister grey color, his voice changing to a snarling lower pitch as he is talking.

The transforming Steven says, “They were right, each time I kill, the stronger I get. Each life brings me closer to being strong enough so I don’t have to hide. And you brought just the right amount of lives in here.”

The skin appears to be tearing off Steven when Oliver instructs the officers to restrain him

The skin appears to be tearing off Steven when Oliver instructs the officers to restrain him. By the time they are trying to pile on him, Steven has transformed into his demonic true self. A Tall, horned, goat-faced demon. As he is slaughtering the officers, he grows larger. Oliver turns to run from the room, but he is grabbed by the long tail of the demon. The demon slams Oliver against the wall and comes face to face with him.

The demon taunts Oliver. “I don’t have to hide or sneak or be scared anymore, thanks to you. I will make sure that all of your blood is drained as a thank you”.

The demon licks the side of Oliver’s face with a scorching hot tongue and then laughs.

The demon continues “You see…

Before he can finish his sentence a large energy blast comes through the wall and hits him, carrying him through to the next wall. Troy and Bobby come through the hole that was created by the blast. Troy carrying his large Energy Cannon looks condescending as he walks past Oliver who is laying on the ground and mutters “Some people always gotta learn shit the hard way.”

The demon is standing over 7 feet tall when Troy and Bobby face off with it. The green charging light illuminates again, just as the demon charges and Troy fires the energy cannon again, sending the bright-colored beam shooting out of the energy cannon and hitting the demon, causing it to crash through the next wall further into the police station. Troy and Bobby follow the creature into the holding area as people are running out of the police station.

Those escaping witness parts of the station crashing to the ground and feel the building shake from the impact of the creature either hitting the ground or being shot by Troy’s energy cannon. Among the noise of the building being destroyed faint yelling and loud demonic screams from the creature are also heard. Troy can be heard yelling “BITCH” as he punches the demon with his power glove.

The Power Glove is one of his favorite tools as it amplifies his punches to superhuman strength. The demon burst back into the lobby area, missing one of its arms thanks to Bobby’s mysterious blue blade. It appears it’s going to make a run for it, but before the demon can, it collapses. As the demon tries to rise to its clawed feet again, Bobby quickly moves in and takes its head off with a clean swing of his sword. The head screams for a few seconds after it is detached from its body. The rest of the body starts to dissolve, filling the room with the stench of sulfur.

Bobby and Troy exit the now thoroughly destroyed police station feeling good about stopping that murderous demon

Bobby and Troy exit the now thoroughly destroyed police station feeling good about stopping that murderous demon. The good feeling would end quickly as they are met with dozens of law enforcement officers from different agencies all with their weapons trained on them and they are ordered to freeze. Troy and Bobby drop their weapons and Troy quips to Bobby as they are handcuffed “Well, I guess this is better than thank you.”