The interrogation room is new, oddly large, and clean. Much different from the tight confines of the last interrogation room that the Ruffner Brothers had seen. This one also had the luxury of not being covered with the blood of people who didn’t heed the warning about the parasitic demon that they had in their midst.

Troy is also weirdly content, eating a large, fresh, bright red apple. Troy is literally amazed by the quality of the apple. While he is in the middle of chewing an entire mouthful of the apple he taps his brother Bobby on the leg and tries to say, “You know the signs of a good jail?”

Annoyed by Troy’s refusal to finish chewing before he started talking and small chunks of apple coming out of his mouth, Bobby says “What’s that Troy?”

Troy finally swallows and says with an almost infomercial-type voice “The fruit Bobby. Like bro look, this one is so fresh.”

Bobby still annoyed responds with “That’s great Troy, but did you forget that we are being detained?” Troy shrugs it off as if the detainment does not bother him. Troy leans back in the seat and says “Yeah it sucks but I don’t blame them. That demon or whatever the hell it was killed a lot of people and you and I slayed that bastard with barely a scratch. I’m sure us coming in prepared and handling business probably freaked them out.”

Troy takes the last bite out of the apple and barely gets out “So what do you think they have us waiting for?”

Bobby pauses for a moment before he responds since he had to translate apple talk. “Apparently they have a “specialist” coming to speak to us.

Detective Krista Gee, a small build, white, redhead woman dressed in a business suit, walks into the room. Krista says “I’m Detective Krista Gee, and as the officers told you we have some questions regarding the death of Robert Jonathan.

Troy and Bobby look at each other.

Bobby says “We don’t know who that is”

Krista shows a picture of the demon that they killed.

Troy surprised says “Oh that other Demon dude. Bobby, you know that guy a couple of weeks that was about to eat a child? Yeah, in response Bobby cut his head off”

Krista “So even if you thought that, being a Demon isn’t illegal. You can’t just kill people just because you suspect them of doing something. That isn’t your place!”

Bobby responds with “We killed a person? Last time I checked, demons aren’t people. Sometimes they can look like people, but are still demons”

Frank Chan walks into the room and is amazed at Troy and Bobby. Frank says “Wow, you guys have really grown. It’s been a long time.”

Troy confused says “Long time? We supposed to know you?”

Frank adds “Before we had a falling out I was very good friends with your mom”

Bobby “I can’t say she said much about you”

Krista “Sorry Detective Chan, I was just questioning them about them killing Robert Jonathan”

Frank “Oh the Demon? Doesn’t he eat lost children”

Bobby “Well he won’t anymore, I cut his head off to save a child.”

Troy “The Detective here seems to have a problem with it.”

Krista “We live in a world where there are super beings of all shapes, sizes, types and whatever else. Being a demon doesn’t mean you can just be killed by a couple of goons with power weapons.”

Troy “No offense, you sound like a dumb fuck. Maybe some offense. Sorry, not sorry.”

Bobby “We only moved in when he was trying to eat the child. I’m sure eating a kid is still illegal in some places.”

Krista “I have to check something, I’ll be back.”

Krista walks out of the room and looking on her phone she sees a bounty alert for Troy, Bobby, and Frank Chan. Krista’s eyes blacken over. By the time Krista walks back into the room, the three are laughing like old friends.

Frank says “And then your grandad says Watchers just don’t watch anymore, just after he shot Orra through the walls of the Enlightened Base.

They look up at Krista and she charges energy, transforming into Bansheeva.

They look up at Krista and she charges energy, transforming into Bansheeva

Frank gets up and draws his weapon. Before he can shoot Bansheeva screams. Troy quickly picks up the table blocking the screaming blast. Frank is hit dead on and is knocked through the two-way mirror.

 Frank is hit dead on and is knocked through the two-way mirror

After the scream, Troy throws the table at Bansheeva. When she tries to scream again, Troy punches her solidly in the face knocking her back against the wall. As Troy and Bobby try to rush her she kicks them both in the face and then screams, slamming them both against the wall.

Bansheeva, in a high-pitched voice says “Somebody wants all of you dead and I am going to collect. Say goodbye boys”

Bansheeva charges her energy and is about to scream. Before she can, Frank leans out of the window and shoots Bansheeva, unloading the clip. All the shots hit their mark on Bansheeva’s head and chest. Troy, Bobby, and Frank stand over Bansheeva. They pick up her phone and Frank has a shocked look. He sees that his wife, Lily Chan aka The Enforcer Blitz, and their child are listed with a bounty. Franks runs out of the room.

Toni, The Legal Eagle and longtime friend of their mom walks into the room. She missed the excitement with her earbuds in her ear and just getting off the phone. She says “Hey guys, I got you cleared and…”

Toni sees Bansheeva on the ground and looks shocked.

Troy says “So do we just go or…” 

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