We have created a bundle with all the current comics that we have available.

Common Men: The Last Watcher – Our first comic using an interesting style, tells the story of Blaze’s death and begins Orra’s takeover of the world. The Last Watcher is the only person standing in his way.

Common Men: Adventures of Dolla Stur – Dollietta Sturyman always wanted to be a hero who idolized the amazing Knockout. After an attack at a baseball game, Dollietta gets what she has always wanted, but it isn’t what it seems.

Common Men: A Liberian Tale – George and Connie are trying to survive the fall of Monrovia after the death of General Seton. Alvin is posed to take over and demands respect as he solidifies his control.

Common Men: Corporate Diplomacy – The Mindless have been unleashed on the world, thanks to Manny Mako and Tim Dewberry, starting the events of DC to Hagerstown. Manny and Tim have a final face-off in Mako Genetics Headquarters.

Common Men: Death of Lily Chan – Orra has gone mad with visions of the future and is now attacking his former colleagues in a desperate attempt to save himself and stop the voices in his head. The story begins with Lily Chan trying to evade Orra after the Enforcers are attacked.

Common Men: Knockout Origins – The origin story of Knockout, the greatest human warrior in the Common Men Universe.

Common Men: Gods and Demons – Ezekiel Harris Origins – One night an Angel and a Demon do battle over a city. They end up killing each other. In an effort to save their souls, they both posses Ezekiel Harris.

Common Men: Yelloman & Beedy – Bounty Hunters Yelloman and Beedy operate in the world of supers using different techniques and work for Frank Plummer.

A Sea of Sharks: Manny Mako Origin – Manny Mako’s father Diego is an evil genius and even experiments on his son. This changes Mako forever and leads him on the path as the hero and sometimes villain in the Common Men Universe.

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